Video Game of Thrones Theories We Can Most Likely Eliminate at this moment

Video Game of Thrones Theories We Can Most Likely Eliminate at this moment

Video Game of Thrones Theories We Can Most Likely Eliminate Now

Spoilers ahead: Do not check out if you have not viewed “The Long Night.”

After last night’s legendary, feature-length fight episode, “The Long Night,” there are just 3 installations left in Video Game of Thrones‘ 8th and last season. We have actually now had 70 episodes– and more than 7 long years– to contemplate and forecast the zillion methods the legendary dream, with its zillion ideas, might end. However today, a number of those hypotheses– so thoroughly crafted by fans and Reddit users– were made imminently less most likely when Arya Stark plunged her dagger into the Night King’s gut. All of a sudden, Arya, who was formed into an assassin by the Faceless Male of Braavos for 2 seasons (5 and 6) appears more than likely to be Azor Ahai, aka “the Prince (or Princess) Who Was Promised.”

In GOT tradition, Azor Ahai is the famous figure in the religious beliefs of R’hllor who initially combated versus the initial darkness (the Night King and the Army of the Dead) with a red sword called Lightbringer. Melisandre and the other red priests and priestesses think a reincarnated, born-again Azor Ahai, thought about “the One Real Hero,” is the hero who will bring an end to darkness.

Here’s what the prediction states: “There will come a day after a long summertime when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this fear hour a warrior will draw from the fire a burning sword. Which sword will be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who grips it will be Azor Ahai return, and the darkness will leave prior to him.”

Melisandre initially hung her red cape on Stannis Baratheon as the version of Azor Ahai, thinking him to be the Prince Who Was Promised for numerous seasons. All of us understand how that went. However when she had the ability to revive Jon Snow from the dead, it appeared quite clear that he, the as soon as and future Aegon Targaryan, was more than likely Azor Ahai.

Later On, it was exposed by Missandei, translator of High Valyrian, that the word for “prince” is in fact genderless and might for that reason simply as quickly indicate “princess.” So then Daenerys became another possible competitor.

Yes, Arya killed the Night King and removed the Army of the Dead, however that does not always indicate she’s Azor Ahai. That’s still up in the air, however last night’s episode closed some other popular fan theories. Rest now, Redditors– a bargain of your theory watch has actually ended.

Bran is the Night King. This may have been the most prevalent theory of all– Bran as a time tourist who got captured in a time warp with the Kid of the Forest and their dragon glass through the heart. Let’s provide it a rest now, shall we?

Somebody stated Bran was viewing Endgame the entire time lmaooo &#x 1f480; #GameOfThrones

— JJ (@jxrxmyjxb) April 29, 2019

Bran will warg into a dragon– dead or alive. We understand Bran can warg into animals (direwolf) or human beings (Hodor), so it was constantly presumed he ‘d warg into the undead Viserion simply as the Night King intruded. However no. Now Viserion’s actually croaked and there’s no requirement for that. However the initial 3 Considered Raven did forecast: “You will never ever stroll once again, Brandon Stark. However you WILL fly.” So perhaps he’ll warg to beat Cersei and Euron one method or another? I indicate, he’s got to fly– right?

Ned, Catelyn, and Robb Stark will increase in the crypts to terrify their living family members. Appears like the showrunners sensibly chose that some long dead martyred great guys/gals ought to merely remain that method. Thanks for the undamaged memories, men.

Dany will be the Night Queen. Good idea that didn’t take place. She’s pale enough as it is.

Cersei will be the Night Queen. Also, she’s wicked enough as it is. However other predictions of doom concerning Cersei were constantly far more most likely. That was too simple a fate for her.

Melisandre and Kinvara will collaborate and bring an army to Winterfell. Nope, Melisandre simply brought her choker. Though she definitely did assist a bit. And where’s Kinvara when you require her? Will the Red Priestess who appeared in a single episode (Season 6, episode 5) stay a one-hit marvel– or will she return to afflict Varys with her dark magic?

The Night King will ruin the Castle prior to Winterfell. A popular Reddit theory in the last couple of weeks had the Night King avoiding the Fight of Winterfell, given that 2 dragons vs. a dead dragon didn’t produce great chances– and he might knock out the history of humankind in books, a minimum of. Fortunate for the Maesters, they’re all still standing.

The Night King will trash King’s Landing rather of Winterfell. The concept was that the Night King would quickly take King’s Landing and make Cersei his queen. Think he wasn’t as clever as we provided him credit for.

The magic will pass away. This end-game theory proposed that Bran would compromise himself to the Night King to keep the rest of Winterfell alive– which would eliminate the Weirwood Tree, the seat of all magic, for that reason eliminating all the wonderful components of the Video Game of Thrones universe: the dragons (alive and undead), the reincarnated Jon Snow, the power of dragon glass, the Red Priests, and so on, and so on

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