‘Toy Story 4’ Is Being Boycotted By A Christian Group Over A ‘Harmful’ Lesbian Scene

‘Toy Story 4’ Is Being Boycotted By A Christian Group Over A ‘Harmful’ Lesbian Scene

‘ Toy Story 4’ Is Being Boycotted Over ‘Harmful’ Lesbian Scene


The mentioned intent of One Million Moms, a department within the American Household Association (Christian) company, is to “offer mamas an effect with the decision-makers and let them understand we are disturbed with the messages they are sending our kids and the worths (or absence of them) they are pressing.” To put it simply, they grumble about Pop Tarts, Muppets, and now, Toy Story 4

The 4th Toy Story film (and the very best franchise movie to come out this smash hit season, with the possible exception of John Wick: Chapter 3– Parabellum) has actually currently made $662 million at the around the world ticket office. It’s likewise gotten frustrating favorable evaluations … from everybody other than One Million Moms members, who are boycotting it over a “unsafe” lesbian scene:

At the start of the film, when Woody’s brand-new owner Bonnie chooses her very first day of kindergarten, in the background there is a fast scene where one kid is dropped off by 2 mamas. Later on, the mamas go back to get their kid who provides a hug. The scene is subtle in order to to desensitize kids. However it is apparent that the kid has 2 moms, and they are parenting together. Toy Story 4 is the last location moms and dads would anticipate their kids to be faced with content relating to sexual preference. Concerns of this nature are being presented prematurely and prematurely. It is incredibly typical yet unneeded.

Think of being the one mommy who needed to see Toy Story 4 and report back to the other 999,999 mamas about all the animated wickedness she saw. I would pay a minimum of $20 to be because space when Forky turned up. Anyhow, as ever:

( Via Newsweek)


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