Tommy Wiseau Launched A Teaser And A Poster For His Next Film ‘Huge Shark’ (Which He Hasn’t Recorded Yet)

Tommy Wiseau Launched A Teaser And A Poster For His Next Film ‘Huge Shark’ (Which He Hasn’t Recorded Yet)

[WATCH] Tommy Wiseau’s Teaser For His Next Film ‘Huge Shark’

How do you duplicate excellence? Particularly, how do you make another movie after you’ve made The Space, the Tommy Wiseau drama that accomplished the Pyrrhic success of ending up being the semi-official worst motion picture ever made? Possibly fearing the legendary sophomore depression, the actor/filmmaker/ Joker portrayer/ spoon image lover hasn’t helmed another movie given that. He did make a TELEVISION program called Next-door Neighbors, however who’s in fact enjoyed it? And now, suddenly, there’s a teaser and a poster for Huge Shark, Wiseau’s go back to cinema filmmaking.

Both teaser and poster are relatively Wiseau-esque, which is to state they’re of doubtful quality if not as certainly terrible as, let’s state, The Space The previous starts with a kids’ night out, with Wiseau signed up with by Greg Sestero– his on-screen frenemy from The Space and his IRL irritated, tell-all book-writing accomplice– and one Isaiah LaBorde boozing their method through New Orleans. Then the water level increase for some factor. Then a starving CGI shark appears.

How is the CGI shark? Not fantastic, however not Birdemic– level either. And the poster? Not as uncomfortable as the one for The Space— which Wiseau infamously kept up on Los Angeles signboards for several years and years– however far from a style wonder. On the other hand, possibly the facility is a little too near Mega Shark. Long as he insinuates some sub-Brando wailing, perhaps that’ll be great.

However here’s the important things: The teaser video is all Wiseau has actually shot up until now. Based on EW, he initially discussed Huge Shark at a screening of The Space in Germany, however states he yet to movie it. Possibly this teaser is his method of blackmailing himself into lastly making his 2nd work of art. We will not understand till it’s playing midnight programs for a couple years. It needs to be scary for Wiseau, questioning if he can catch lightning in a bottle two times. He’ll understand if he stopped working if James Franco does not direct and star in a film about its gloriously disorderly making.

( Via EW)


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