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The PUMA x Ader Error Capsule Embraces FUTRO Flair

The PUMA x Ader Error Capsule Embraces FUTRO Flair

Release Date, Price, & More Info

Brand: PUMA x Ader Error

Model: RS-0 & RS-100, along with exclusive apparel

Key Features: The Ader Error RS-100 & RS-0 features bright, playful color accents along with an oversized heel patch in the shape of the letter ‘A’ representing Ader. Its combination of modern and retro design elements along with unique co-branded double tongue make these stand out from the jump.

Release Date: September 1

Price: TBD

Buy: PUMA.com and select retailers

Editor’s Notes: PUMA’s hot streak of collaborations continue with the unveiling of its latest capsule collection with Seoul-based Ader Error. The Korean fashion phenomenon has been making waves in the streetwear community since 2014 with Ader Error’s unisex clothing philosophy and modern-minimal aesthetic.

Ader Error lends their unique fashion sensibilities to iconic PUMA silhouettes that instantly propels a classic into the future with special attention paid to collage detailing and bold text/logo play. With the help of Ader Error’s design influence, PUMA’s RS-series (Running System) becomes a symbol of innovative design that keeps its archive heritage intact while embracing elements of the future.

The cult Korean label ties everything together with corresponding apparel with a PUMA x Ader jacket taking center stage featuring block letter running down the back reading ‘A FANTASTIC MISTAKE,’ along with pants with dynamic cutlines, color-blocked crewneck sweaters, tees, and other accessories.

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