The National Enquirer’s Site Is Obviously Hosted by Amazon

The National Enquirer’s Site Is Obviously Hosted by Amazon

The National Enquirer’s Site Is Obviously Hosted by Amazon

The National Enquirer might have selected the incorrect Richest Guy in the world to fuck with.

In a dispatch published to Medium the other day, Amazon creator Jeff Bezos implicated your rightwing granny’s preferred grocery checkout impulse buy of “extortion” for, he declares, threatening to release the magnate’s salacious selfies unless he consented to put an end to an examination into how the paper accessed the personal images and texts.

Were they released, the images would, most likely be published on the Enquirer‘s site– which, a smart twitter user mentioned, is hosted by Bezos’s own Amazon Web Solutions.

Dear Mr Bezos,

I’m simply gon na leave this here …

— ryan huber (@ryanhuber) February 8, 2019

OK, so it’s safe to state Amazon would never ever mess up a site it hosts based upon its material, however a minimum of a couple of Twitter users chose it would not rather be fascism if Amazon were to decrease website traffic.

By the method, you understand that #NetNeutrality guideline that trump composed and @TomWheelerFCC opposed? I believe it enables an ISP to throttle traffic. Yes, I ensure it. Some firemens informed me. Do not take them down. Slow their traffic to a crawl …

— Creative Financial Investment Research Study (@CreativeInv) February 8, 2019

The story is a twisted web of allegations and inspirations– why does the Enquirer have it out for Bezos? Is it due to the fact that of the Washington Post‘s protection of Trump? Or its protection of Saudi participation in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? Is this simply type of what the National Enquirer does?

NBC News reported today that federal district attorneys are examining whether, if Bezos’s allegation holds true, the Enquirer breached a non-prosecution arrangement signed last September. And, for what it deserves, parent business AMI is obviously performing an internal examination (sans David Pecker).

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