‘The Legend Of Drug Island’ Director And Star Discuss Creating ‘The World’s Wildest Campfire Tale’

‘The Legend Of Drug Island’ Director And Star Discuss Creating ‘The World’s Wildest Campfire Tale’

Director And Star Of Netflix Doc


Do you like real criminal offense however stress the stakes are expensive? Would not you like to hear an insane story where nobody passes away, the topics aren’t mourning households, and you can toss around theories about what truly took place without messing up anybody’s life?

Well then The Legend Of Drug Island, concerning Netflix this weekend, simply may be the documentary for you. It informs the story of Rodney Hyden, simply your typical dip-spittin’ Florida great ol’ kid, who has a huge strategy to fly to an island off Puerto Rico where a pal had actually allegedly buried a bag filled with a couple million dollars worth of drug.

It just gets wilder from there, including Andy, a pal of Rodney’s child, who’s expected to assist Rodney with the digging however is too hectic going through opiate withdrawals; Andy’s drug dealership pal Dee (the fence); and a mystical drug lord called Carlos (the transporter). Everything amounts to another splendidly odd, Elmore Leonard-esque yarn that might just occur in Florida (see likewise: Screwball).

The Legend of Drug Island strikes Netflix March29 I spoke with star Rodney Hyden and director Theo Love (yes, that’s his genuine name) by phone today.

Sorry, three-way interviews are constantly fascinating. Are you people in the very same location?

Theo: Nope.

Rodney: Nope, never ever will be.

Rodney, so are you thrilled for the documentary to be out and seen on a big scale?

Rodney: Yeah, I am in fact. Based upon the truth that I have actually got to see it at the best.

Theo: We had a jam-packed home in Tribeca–

Rodney:– And in Birmingham. That was the loud crowd.

Theo: Yeah, that had to do with 2,000 individuals because audience, and you were right in the middle of them.

So, Rodney, do you have a dip in today?

Rodney: Oh no, I spit it out so you might comprehend me.

Sure, however does not it make you wish to talk more, does not it make you more conversational?

Rodney: Just when the saliva’s leaking down the side of my face. No, male it does not, in fact. It’s simply a bad practice.

What’s your brand name?

Rodney: Grizzly great cut. You can send me a tube if you desire.


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