The ‘Gladiator’ Follow Up Is Genuine And It Will Be Probably Russell Crowe-Free

The ‘Gladiator’ Follow Up Is Genuine And It Will Be Probably Russell Crowe-Free

The ‘Gladiator’ Follow Up Is Genuine And Will Likely Be Russell Crowe-Free

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Thursday was a wedding day for individuals who like the ’90 s. First we became aware of a 3rd Bad Kids Then we discovered that Mike Myers has actually been covertly (though not remarkably) hard at work on a brand-new Austin Powers fourquel And now this: According to Due Date, the unstoppable Ridley Scott has actually begun work (or as the short article put it, “started forward development”) on a 2 decades-later follow up to Gladiator, his swords-and-sandals impressive, which won Finest Photo, Finest Star (for Russell Crowe), and 3 other, technical Oscars back in the year 2000.

” However,” you state, aloud in a lonesome space, “Crowe’s commander-turned-gladiator Maximus Decimus Meridius passed away in the previous movie.” Yes, he did. Therefore Scott will follow in the steps of the 6th Rocky follow up Creed: It will choose things back up with the next generation.

That’s right: Gladiator 2 will follow Lucius. You keep in mind Lucius, right? He wasn’t Maximus’ child, who was killed in the very first act. He’s the child of the sibling (Connie Nielsen) of the guy who purchased stated assassination, Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus. Played by young Spencer Reward Clark, Lucius was absolutely nothing like his tongue-slapping, incestuous psychopath of an uncle. In truth, when his uncle purchased him and his mom eliminated, it was Maximus who conserved their lives. (Our recommendations: Slip Crowe in there as a mentoring ghost à la his Jor-El in Male of Steel)


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