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Supreme’s FW18 Novelty Gift Is a Bouncy Ball

Supreme’s FW18 Novelty Gift Is a Bouncy Ball

Supreme FW18 Novelty Gifts: Box Logo Bouncy Ball

Yesterday marked the rollout of the Supreme FW18 collection in the brand’s flagship stores, and with it came a fresh round of novelty free items: a box logo bouncy ball and a set of stickers taken from the initial drop.

In the past, Supreme has dished out similar gifts, specifically the Sky Bounce handball in SS16. The new accessory is transparent with double-sided box logo in the center. Last season, shoppers were gifted with poppy seeds.

As always, a small collection of stickers have been thrown in, too. This time around, options include bottle cap minis, a liquid Supreme font, and the photo used on the Madonna T-shirt, among others. Peep the set below.

Supreme FW18 will be available online on Monday, August 20 in the US and EU. Shoppers can expect future weekly releases every Thursday.

In related news, Grailed is selling 100 of the best Supreme decks.

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