‘Star Wars’ Fans Went Wild Including An F-Bomb Into Scenes From ‘Star Wars: Vengeance Of The Sith’

‘Star Wars’ Fans Went Wild Including An F-Bomb Into Scenes From ‘Star Wars: Vengeance Of The Sith’

‘ Star Wars’ Fans Had A Good Time Putting F-Bombs Into ‘Vengeance Of The Sith’


The Movie Association of America has guidelines, and these guidelines need to be followed. However similar to the speed limitation on roads, those guidelines must not be simple policies, however rather guidelines that must be abided by as strictly as possible.

Motion picture scores are frequently limitations to get under instead of measure up to them. Cut this word or that scene and you may get a PG-13 score instead of the dreadful R. After all, you require the teenagers to provide you that ticket office increase, right? That’s specifically real of a film franchise like Star Wars, which has fans of any ages. An R-rated Star Wars motion picture, while interesting, appears difficult at this moment in the franchise’s arc.

The Majority Of Star Wars movies, in truth, are ranked PG However a couple of PG-13 films frequently have some darker styles of death and a little blood. It’s not almost the blood and gore (and smells) you ‘d in fact experience if instantly-cauterizing laser swords were genuine, however it can get dark. Which consists of the 3rd (or 6th) movie in the Star Wars franchise: Vengeance of the Sith That’s the motion picture where Anakin formally ends up being Darth Vader, eliminates a lot of younglings and eventually triggers the death of his illegal spouse.

There’s a lot going on therein, clearly, however something that’s missing out on that would have fit under the PG-13 banner? An F-bomb. That got one Twitter user thinking and stimulated an enjoyable social networks experiment: if you needed to drop an F-bomb into the already-existing movie, where would you put it?


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