Something Smells Fishy About The ‘Shazam!’ April Fools’ Day Trailer

Something Smells Fishy About The ‘Shazam!’ April Fools’ Day Trailer

‘ Shazam!’ April Fools’ Day Trailer Smells Terribly Fishy

Warner Bros.

Many days on the web are bad, however today is especially bad. It’s April 1, when you should not think anything you check out or see online (other than this sentence). For example: there was a short, marvelous half-second where I believed Warner Bros. had actually sneak-released a teaser for Aquaman 2 up until I remembered it’s the foolingest day of the year. Never ever mind that the video plainly checks out “ SHAZAM!— In Theaters Thursday,” which the Aquaman follow up hasn’t even been composed yet, which the release date is December 16, 2022, making it way prematurely for any video. However! When I’m guaranteed Momoa, I desire Momoa.

A minimum of the trick is creative, with Aquaman‘s “The King Shall Reign” being changed by Shazam!‘s “The Kid Shall Reign” utilizing spraypaint.

Do not look so pleased, Chuck. This isn’t the very first (or last) April Fools’ trick I have actually succumbed to. In fact, I take that back: Zachary Levi must be pleased with himself since he pulled a Chris Pratt and got definitely ripped for a superhero film. “A lot cushioning,” he just recently tweeted, followed by an eye-roll emoji. “#FakeNews #FakeMuscles #FakeWeights #FakeChickenAndBroccoli.”

Shazam!, which seems like a heck of a great time(it’s likewise doing extremely well in sneak peeks), opens today on April 5.

( Via Warner Bros.)


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