Scientology Is Looking Abroad for New Stars and Susceptible Employees

Scientology Is Looking Abroad for New Stars and Susceptible Employees

Scientology Is Looking Abroad for New Stars and Susceptible Employees

Last March Isabella Cruise made a rather questionable launching. The previously press-shy child of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman appeared in a much-talked-about recruitment e-mail for Scientology London. The message included her smiling face in an image and her gushing about her auditor training. “It was precisely what I required. … All of us require to do this,” the e-mail read. “Thank you to my Daddy for whatever.”

” I was surprised,” states Tony Ortega, coauthor of Battleground Scientology: Exposing L. Ron Hubbard’s Dangerous ‘Religious beliefs, who discovered it stunning that the 26- year-old had actually gotten such an innovative level of training– and was being so public about it.

Cruise’s review comes as the church is battling with a diminishing flock and a significantly unfavorable track record in Hollywood thanks to prominent defectors like Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis and starlet Leah Remini. According to Ortega, Scientology’s numbers peaked in the early ’90 s with approximately 100,000 members worldwide, however subscription has actually just recently dipped to about 20,000 (A Scientology representative strongly rejects this, declaring the church has “countless parishioners in 167 countries, a 3rd of whom remain in the U.S.”)

In the ’90 s and early aughts, Tom Cruise, who Remini has actually stated is “thought about a divine being within Scientology,” utilized to frequently proselytize for the church. Numerous years ago he motivated the kids he embraced with Kidman– Isabella and her 24- year-old bro, Connor– to end up being deeply included with the church, alienating them from their mom. (Kidman is supposedly disallowed from Connor’s upcoming wedding event due to the fact that she isn’t a Scientologist.) Nowadays, while Cruise stays carefully linked to the church, he isn’t as singing about his beliefs as he as soon as was. “[Cruise] is far more mindful about how he speaks about it, if at all,” states a market expert who has actually dealt with numerous tasks with Scientology-associated stars. “Individuals have actually holed up. As soon as you’re identified a Scientologist, you risk of it specifying you.”

Stars have long played an outsize function in Scientology’s increase. The media-savvy Hubbard acknowledged early on that popular individuals were a powerful lure to draw in brand-new members. He assiduously accommodated stars and developed well-equipped “Celeb Centres” in numerous cities, consisting of one housed in a grand Hollywood hotel that as soon as hosted Bette Davis and Clark Gable. Recently the church’s lineup of A-list converts, like Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Street, provided it a specific showbiz prestige and was important to its recruitment efforts. However nowadays those stars aren’t almost as brilliant as they utilized to be. Travolta’s last 4 movies were seriously panned, while Street is now best understood for her weight has a hard time. More youthful superstars like Elisabeth Moss, Juliette Lewis, Beck, and Erika Christensen, all of whom matured in the faith, aren’t as singing about their participation. “There was an understanding at one time that young stars might advance their professions if they got included with Scientology. That’s not the case any longer,” states Ortega. He states popular opinion of the church started to drop around 2005, throughout Cruise’s manic press trip for War of the Worlds The star’s often strange advocacy on programs like Oprah made headings and harmed the church’s track record. Nowadays, Ortega states, being connected with Scientology is thought about a profession liability, even amongst impassioned followers.

So what’s a questionable faith to do when it begins sputtering in America? It looks abroad. On New Year’s Day, church leader David Miscavige cut the ribbon on a sophisticated brand-new African head office in a vast castle beyond Johannesburg, South Africa. “Today you are seeing history,” he stated.

Latin America is another target. In January the New York City Post reported that Mexican TELEVISION star and pop vocalist Michael Ronda, 22, is among a growing team of Latin stars making the rounds for Miscavige and business. Colombian starlet Maria Lara is likewise a budding disciple. In 2015 she appeared in a video applauding Miscavige, calling him a “ideal standard of living.” A fellow Colombian, comic Andrés López turns up often in Scientology videos. Venezuelan starlet Ruddy Rodríguez took a trip to Hungary in 2017 to support a church march.

When it concerns selecting which superstars to court, Ortega declares Scientology handlers gravitate towards stars who may be susceptible due to psychological or mental injury. Bindi Irwin, the 20- year-old Dancing with destiny champ and child of late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin, was reported to be a prospect. Irwin’s associate rejected the reports, however some note that Bindi’s sorrow over her daddy’s death, in addition to her household’s popularity in Australia, would have made her a prime hire.

The church does not simply profit from individual catastrophes. It typically appears after natural catastrophes and other disasters. After the massacre at a Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque in March, Scientology volunteers lost consciousness Hubbard’s The Method to Joy, which is printed in 117 languages. A church representative boasts that Scientology’s mobile ministers have actually supplied help at a variety of current significant catastrophes, from the Indonesia earthquake to the Uganda mudslides to the California wildfires. However Mark Ebner, a reporter and long time Scientology critic, has a more negative take on their work. “These are hiring explorations on the most susceptible,” he states. Ebner presumes that Scientology is focusing its efforts in locations where individuals have less access to info about the church’s extraterrestrial beliefs and human rights abuses.

Eastern Europe has actually been fertile ground, too, however Katrina Reyes, a previous Scientologist who was born in Uzbekistan, states it’s the pledge of a much better life, not stars, that draws converts there. Reyes and her mom were residing in hardship in Siberia when they consented to relocate to the popular Sea Company head office in Clearwater, Florida, twenty years earlier. “What was guaranteed was we were going to have a steady location to live. We will be looked after with fantastic food,” states Reyes, who signed a notorious billion-year agreement with Scientology’s Sea Org when she was11 Rather, she states, they got indentured yoke and confined bunks that reeked of mildew. It resembled “serving a jail sentence,” she remembers. Reyes, now 26, lastly left the church 5 years earlier.

” They’re appealing everybody this ideal American dream,” she states. It was a guarantee that ended up being as hollow as a lot of Hollywood endings.

After this short article appeared in our Might 2019 problem, a Scientology representative reacted, stating, “What has actually been stated about us is all frequently … pure propaganda. It is unreliable and purposefully prevents revealing who Scientologists truly are and what we do. Propagandists aim to profit from the growing interest about Scientology. They have actually made debates where there are none while declining to reveal the Church, its companies, its humanitarian programs in addition to its unmatched development worldwide. That is the genuine story– a vibrant motion and crusade covering the world, assisting individuals live much better and better lives, from Los Angeles to Johannesburg to Tokyo. For precise info about the Church of Scientology, readers must check out

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