Roma Star Might Miss the Oscars After Being Rejected a Visa

Roma Star Might Miss the Oscars After Being Rejected a Visa

Jorge Antonio Guerrero of Roma Was Rejected a Visa to Go Into the U.S.

As the cast and team of Roma commemorate a sensational 10 Oscar elections, to name a few awards season congratulations, star Jorge Antonio Guerrero has actually stayed at home in Mexico. He has actually been rejected entry to the United States on 3 celebrations, and might be not able to go to the Academy Awards.

The star, who plays Fermín in the movie, informs El Sol de Tijuana that the very first time he used was early 2018, prior to the movie’s best, and he asked for traveler status to take part in U.S. occasions. That application was rejected.

He then used 2 more times after the movie premiered. He informed El Sol that he even supplied a main letter from the movie’s manufacturers requesting he be permitted to go to the Oscars and other film-related occasions, and was however rejected.

” It appears that the rejection of the visa on 3 celebrations has some relation to the look of the star,” El Sol reports. ” Remarks that were made throughout among the efforts to acquire it, recommended they thought that he was searching for work [in the U.S.]”

fermin roma Jorge Antonio Guerrero visa oscars
Jorge Antonio Guerrero as Fermin in “Roma”

He still hopes that there will be an opportunity for him to go to the Academy Awards next month.

” I wish to believe that, if we might discover a method for a consular officer or somebody in the embassy to check out those letters of invite, one might comprehend,” he informed the paper, mentioning the value of Roma as an example of ” cultural exchange that is happening in between 2 countries.”

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