Reverse Calls Back To The 2000 s With Double-Layered Chuck Taylors

Reverse Calls Back To The 2000 s With Double-Layered Chuck Taylors

Reverse Chuck Taylor All Star Cut Black White Release Details

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Reverse’s lots of works prior to the Nike acquisition most absolutely based on their own, pressing their own spins on development by method of spirited all-over prints and the frequently forgotten double layered Chuck Taylor Recalling to the 2000 s with caring tribute, the existing day clothing is set to revive the set’s eccentric magnificence dosed in with the deconstructive spins most popular in modernity. 2 colorways debut the rather newly found tooling: one a black with inners of red and the other a more monochrome problem of white with black. On the outside lies a mainly conventional design template of their cap toe high-top with additional sewing detailing the shape of a low; dotted blue lines lie perfect above with lateral typography requiring you to “Please cut heaven line.” Alternatives for personalization are aplenty with one able to blend and match they’re height choice, building themselves a piece practically completely Do It Yourself in visual or one loud in the very same methods as the just recently launched sacai partnerships.

Get an in-depth take a look at both offerings right below– along with what pokes out from beneath their apparently simple outers– and anticipate a release to certainly decrease on along with choose merchants later on in July.

Reverse Chuck Taylor All-Star Cut

Launch Date: July 2019



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