Pop Culture-Inspired Artist @ponymtl & Aldo Connect on a New Sneaker

Pop Culture-Inspired Artist @ponymtl & Aldo Connect on a New Sneaker

Aldo Teams With Artist @ponymtl on One-Off Aldo Mx3 Design

Aldo is dropping a series of limited edition Mx3 sneakers in collaboration with five internationally recognized street artists from New York, London, Seoul, Dubai, and Montreal. In recognition of the street art community’s global cultural impact, each artist has taken a unique approach to designing the silhouette that reflects their creative spirit and community.

Montreal-based artist Pony describes her work as “Art for people who feel many things” and her version of the Mx3 features one of her trademark slogans “Hug Life”. Turning the Mx3 into a unique canvas for self-expression, the sneaker becomes part work of art and part street style staple. It features a black breathable mesh upper, colorful TFU webbing-enforced eyelets, illustrations on the toe box, and the slogan on the cushioned heel.

In order to showcase the shoe and others in the AldoMx range, a Toronto-based crew consisting of photographer Patrick O’Rourke, stylist Bobby Bowen, and models Jeremy Joo, Olivia Pezzente, and Jacqueline Ashton took to the streets to give their unique take on the sneakers. The results can be found across the page.

To better understand the thought process behind the designs, Aldo quizzed each artist on their inspiration and the ways in which their city informs their work. Read the full talk with Pony below, watch a video from the project above, and then visit Aldo’s online store for more details.

Toronto-based fans can hit up Aldo’s Queen Street and Bellwoods locations on August 24 and 25 between 11 AM and 7 PM to check out an exhibition by Pony, street art tours guided by local artists, and other installations.

How has your city helped define you?

Montreal’s music scene has always been a huge inspiration for me. I have had the honor to work with so many amazing artists that I admire.

When it comes to culture; art, music, fashion… How does your city differ from others around the world?

It’s a mix of things. The french language for sure there is a big factor and then what we call le franglais that is a slang and mix of both languages. A lot of interesting music out here is based on that slang, example Dead Obies and LLA.

Does your city have a specific youth culture? What does the youth mean to your city?

The people of Montreal are very supportive of young artists that are trying to bring something new to the table. There is a huge underground art scene in Montreal. So many bands, visual artists, fashion designers etc. Montreal has always been known as a fertile playground for creation. Bands from all over the world were nested here. Arcade Fire, Mac DeMarco, Grimes are all great examples. We definitely love to support and watch young creators blossom.

With everything going on today how important is Art in today’s society? How can art be a vector for change?

I think we all feel and we all need to express, but we don’t always feel as we have the ability to do so. In my opinion, we need artists to say what we cannot and to learn about others. To make us feel understood and to teach us about the human condition. Everyone creates with a different goal in mind. Some create to heal and to make us smile. Some create for change and awareness. Some, just to create beauty and relief for the world’s eyes. I cannot imagine a world without art. In all situations, art gives us the ability to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and that inevitably creates a change in how we view the world.

What new trends have you seen in the artistic communities within your city? Globally?

I’m seeing (and hoping for) more respect for good nutrition and averall physical health. I see the rap kids not drinking and changing the stereotypes about the artist life and substance abuse. I love it. I also see people being more vocal about mental health issues. It’s so great. It definitely helps a lot of people feel less

isolated and different.

How can art be inclusive?

I think when you are respectful, open-minded and conscious of the world that you live in it will reflect in your art.

What emotions do you feel when you’re creating art?

I’m excited. Life can feel very lonely sometimes, so I feel excited and privileged to create something heartfelt that will maybe make someone feel understood. That is my ultimate goal.

How important is collaboration to your artistic progress? What does this particular collaboration mean to you?

Collaboration means growth. I’m so blessed to have the chance to unite forces with so many great artists and organizations in the past. Collaborations make you yourself as an artist.

With all the great artists in your city, how do you feel you broke out? (Luck, hard work, a mentor, specific style or technique etc.)

It’s a mix of hard work, realness, perseverance, and uniqueness. I feel so lucky and supported by my city. That makes me want to keep creating until infinity. 😭❤️🏙


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