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Peep the End-Of-The-Summer Street Design From Seoul

Peep the End-Of-The-Summer Street Design From Seoul

Peep the current End-Of-The-Summer Looks

Area: Seoul

Month: August

Secret Looks: Here, the dark-wash jeans works well when coupled with a black mock turtleneck tee in slide # 2, and the complete ’90 s styling in slide # 5 is an ambiance, loaded with a short-sleeved-tee-over-long-sleeved-tee, and a pail hat. As far as all-black appearances go, there’s some major heat in slide #17, cancelled with some orange lenses.

Editor’s Notes: Seoul’s street design is constantly rather boundary-pushing, as seen in this set, which highlights how the city is embracing more genderless style ( in addition to New York City), such as in slide #11 and slide #14

August’s design round-up, as recorded by Daniel Luna, likewise reveals which brand names are rolling with South Korea today. In this case, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Supreme, and Calvin Klein, and on foot, there’s Raf Simons x adidas Ozeegos, Reverse Chuck Taylors, Nike Air Monarchs, and different Dr. Martens.

In other design news, here’s exactly what’s dropping at Palace today.


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