Moviepass Angered Subscribers By Blocking ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ On Opening Weekend

Moviepass Angered Subscribers By Blocking ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ On Opening Weekend

Moviepass Angered Users By Blocking ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’

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The past week has seen increased woes for MoviePass, which has struggled to stay afloat with an unsustainable business plan of providing unlimited movies for $10 per month. Last week, the service suffered its second outage (followed by an emergency $5 million loan) within weeks after upsetting subscribers by introducing Uber-like surge pricing, which tacks on up to $5 for the most popular movies. And over the weekend, users had a new beef when MoviePass altogether blocked Mission: Impossible — Fallout screenings from its service.

The Tom Cruise star vehicle performed well despite the hang up, which began to make itself apparent when screencaps surfaced to show that the film was “greyed out” to hopeful MoviePass users. CEO Mitch Lowe clarified to users that this move was intentional with a statement as the weekend began:

“As we continue to evolve the service, certain movies may not always be available in every theater on our platform. This is no different than other in-home streaming options that often don’t carry the latest shows or movies that may be available on other services.”

Of course, MoviePass users could still see the film, should they choose to open their own wallets and buy a ticket in the traditional manner. Yet since this is precisely what people were trying to avoid by subscribing to MoviePass, users began to voice their displeasure on social media. As one irritated subscriber noted, “Dont [sic] open a buffet if you dont have the food, motherf***ers!”

MoviePass straight up not letting users see Mission Impossible under any circumstances. They’re that friend who goes out to dinner then pretends he cant find his wallet when the check comes, lol.

— Rob ⚡Peak Pricing⚡ Caravaggio (@caravaggiorob) July 27, 2018

Went to use MoviePass today to watch Mission Impossible but they created a blackout for every showing. So I paid out of my own pocket. Then bought a ticket to another movie, USING MoviePass. If I gotta pay, they do too. Dont open a buffet if you dont have the food, motherfuckers!

— Grandmaster B (@dougiebranson) July 28, 2018

Oh cool, @MoviePass is apparently circling the drain and not letting customers get tickets to Mission Impossible on opening night. Glad I bought a full year of this service for both me and my wife.

— Dan Ryckert (@DanRyckert) July 27, 2018

Hey @MoviePass, I am on my way to the theater again. Is there anything you need to tell me? How are you doing with cash flow? Do you feel like a 7:45 showing of Mission Impossible is going to work out?

— Eddie Kaufholz (@EdwardorEddie) July 27, 2018

,@MoviePass Why are all 2D versions of Mission Impossible: Fallout greyed out?????

— Rusty Burns (@rustyburns) July 27, 2018

MoviePass is blocking standard showings of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT, huh? Well, good a time as any to take the plunge on this, then.

— ViewerAnon (@ViewerAnon) July 27, 2018

Last week @MoviePass needed a loan to stay alive. Yesterday I no longer saw Mission Impossible screenings available. This morning I see NO times available for ANY movie in NYC. Anyone else? @MoviePass_CS any ideas?

— hari sreenivasan (@hari) July 30, 2018

I see you are blocking Mission Impossible. Cute. No worries, I’ll pay out of pocket it for it while simultaneously purchasing a ticket to a random movie so I can ensure MoviePass incurs the same cost had it not blocked Mission Impossible. Everyone else should do the same.

— Nothing & No One (@myskullisred) July 29, 2018

Deadline quotes an industry distribution boss as predicting, “It will be a miracle if MoviePass is in business by the end of next week.” Indeed, it’s hard to fathom how the service can continue to exist while bleeding millions of dollars per month, especially after promising so much. Well, and tossing even more money into Gotti distribution, which only compounds the disastrous experiment. Stay tuned, for more MoviePass developments will surely arrive soon.

(Via Deadline & Indiewire)


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