‘Male In Black’ Is Crossing Over With ‘Ghostbuters’ In A Parlor Game

‘Male In Black’ Is Crossing Over With ‘Ghostbuters’ In A Parlor Game

‘ Male In Black’/ ‘Ghostbusters’ Crossover Coming To Household Video Game Night


Male In Black

is lastly getting a crossover. It has absolutely nothing to do with

21 Dive Street

and it’s not even going to remain in theaters, however the males (and ladies) in matches and tones are broadening their universe quickly enough. And obviously they’re partnering with


in a parlor game. That’s a great deal of copyright right there.

In Some Way it’s been 4 years given that the SONY hack exposed that there were tentative strategies to make a MIB/ Dive Street crossover. It quickly appeared like it may in fact occur— the motion picture even had a name and director— however alas, the world was not indicated to experience something so rad and effective.

Rather Male In Black will get a spin-off including Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson However do not anticipate the Lady In Black and the all-lady Ghostbusters to be playable characters at your weekly video game night. Obviously, the scary, alien parlor game is getting the initial Ghostbusters which indicates this is most likely as close as The Web will ever get to its idealized all-male Ghostbusters 3


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