Leading Chef Power Rankings, Week 11: Drift Like A Buttermilk Fry Sting Like KFC

Leading Chef Power Rankings, Week 11: Drift Like A Buttermilk Fry Sting Like KFC

Leading Chef Power Rankings Episode 1611: Muhammad Ali, Colonel Sanders


This was a really interesting week on Leading Chef, as recently we found out in the upcoming sneak peek that the chefs would be entrusted with “commemorating the tradition of Muhammad Ali through your meals.” And I, for one, was passing away to understand how one would honor a boxing legend and civil liberties hero through a crudo and/or ceviche. Can one win a congressional medallion of honor posthumously? (The medallion is made from veal and covered in a mustard-cream sauce).

However prior to that might decrease, there was a quickfire obstacle, based upon another Kentucky legend: you thought it, Colonel Sanders! Due to the fact that what much better method to honor Muhammad Ali than to make him share an episode with a man who George Wallace when thought about calling his running mate throughout his segregationist project for president in 1968? (That’s an enjoyable reality for you.) Really, nobody understands whether Colonel Sanders was all that racist (regardless of dressing like a southern dandy and maturing in the Jim Crow period), though Papa John definitely attempted to claim he was as a deflecting maneuver. Anyhow, Muhammad Ali, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bourbon … what other Kentucky things can Leading Chef base an obstacle on? All I understand is that if there isn’t a Hunter S. Thompson or Jennifer Lawrence obstacle I’m going to be turning over tables.

In the KFC obstacle, the entrants needed to make fried chicken, however they were just permitted to utilize the herbs and spices that they might recognize in a blind trial run– constantly among Leading Chef‘s finest repeating difficulties. Then they had 30 minutes to utilize their herbs and spices on some fried chicken. I believe we can all concur that 30 minutes isn’t almost adequate time to butcher, bread, fry, and serve fried chicken. A number of them even discussed their “salt water.” Salt water? You have 30 minutes. You can’t salt water in 30 minutes, at finest it’s going to be a dip.

Oh and practically all of them utilized the deep fryer. Laaaaaame. Half of fried chicken is getting the oil type and temperature level right. If you’re all simply going to utilize the very same huge barrels of grease there’s very little to distinguish you. Strong fats all the time.

Then in the Muhammad Ali obstacle, everybody was provided a specific battle, and entrusted with developing a meal based upon that battle, to fit each course. Which was sort of frustrating, due to the fact that it was more like “here’s an African dessert to represent the Rumble In The Jungle” rather of “here is why I think this poached snapper with harissa aioli finest represents the tradition of renowned boxing hero Muhammad Ali.”

Likewise, the chefs all got details packages on the battle they were preparing for. Which simply implied that each discussion developed into a fifth-grade book report on some Muhammad Ali realities they ‘d simply check out. “In conclusion, Muhammad Ali is a guy of contrasts, similar to this Southeast Asian inspired treated halibut …”

It would’ve been a lot better if the chefs simply needed to work from memory and after that got fact-checked throughout their discussions. “Jeff, I believed your pork stomach was a little under-rendered, and likewise, Muhammad Ali never ever appeared obese for his battle versus a white bartender from Cleveland, you’re thinking about The Excellent White Buzz, starring Peter Berg and Damon Wayans.”

Then the removal was yet another heartbreak for a previous favorite. It appears the very best method to jinx yourself this season is to win an obstacle.


1. (+1) Eric Adjepong– AKA: Ghana. AKA: Sports.


It’s taken him enough time, however Eric has actually lastly become the preferred I believed he remained in the very first couple of episodes. Nevertheless, he still landed in the bottom 3 in the fried chicken obstacle (he called 7 spices properly, 3rd location), regardless of winning recently’s obstacle with a delicious-looking … you thought it, fried chicken wing. I’m informing you, this season is unusual as hell.

Thankfully he got to do a meal for the Rumble In The Jungle, for which he prepared Fufu dumplings and red stew. I have actually never ever had those things however that’s most likely the point: Tom can’t get pedantic about how al dente pasta ought to be or the appropriate looseness of risotto if you prepare him something method outside his convenience zone. Understanding your brand name is half of Leading Chef and practically everybody might gain from Eric. He’s appearing like a fufufavorite entering into the house stretch.


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