Kevin Smith Exposes Which Function Matt Damon Will Be Repeating In ‘Jay And Silent Bob Reboot’

Kevin Smith Exposes Which Function Matt Damon Will Be Repeating In ‘Jay And Silent Bob Reboot’

Matt Damon Is Playing Loki Again In Kevin Smith’s Next Movie


Though not as apparent as his long time imaginative collaboration with Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith has actually dealt with Affleck’s fellow Excellent Will Searching star and scribe Matt Damon on many celebrations. For beginners, there’s the hugely unusual truth that Smith is credited as a co-executive manufacturer on the Oscar-winning movie, however the apparent competitor is 1999’s Dogma, in which Damon and his Boston friend played 2 stubborn angels who were attempting to fraud their method back into paradise. That character– the fallen angel Loki– is who Damon will play (once again) in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

When the movie’s very first trailer dropped at Comic-Con, audiences captured a fast blink-and-you’ll- miss-it shot of Damon in character as Loki. (He’s even using the character’s hallmark long coat and hoodie combination while being in a church.) The important things is, he passed away at the end of Dogma, so what offers? As Smith discussed on Instagram, it was his spouse Jennifer Schwalbach’s concept.

I scoffed like a hardcore Kevin Smith fan, responding “I can’t have fun with Loki. Loki passed away.” Jen smiled and stated “Well it’s an advantage you do not understand the author, otherwise you may be able to alter your concept.” And easily, my spouse made the film much better. I asked outfit designer @ruckusaurus to create a Loki-looking ensemble, discovered a church, and broke out my life size Dogma action figure.

Naturally, Marvel fans who might or might not recognize with Smith’s Dogma are most likely laughing given that Damon cameoed as an Asgardian star who depicted the trickster Loki in a phase play portrayed in Thor: Ragnarok So, as Comics notes, Damon will technically be playing “Loki” for the 3rd time in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


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