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Jaden Smith Talks Supreme, Tyler, The Creator & God-Level Drip With ‘GQ’

Jaden Smith Talks Supreme, Tyler, The Creator & God-Level Drip With ‘GQ’

Jaden Smith Talks Supreme, Tyler & More in ‘GQ’ Interview

In a new profile for GQ, Jaden Smith shares a bunch of typically atypical musings on life. This time, however, rather than delivering sermons on hot dogs and aliens, the 20-year-old was talking all things style.

Covering a range of topics, Smith bounced from saying why we should all dress like superheroes to how Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, has those “next-level vibes” (we suppose all gods are next-level in a literal sense, though). He also explained how Tyler, the Creator introduced him to Supreme and discusses his new collection with G-Star. Check out our round-up of the article’s best takeaways below.

On Tyler and Supreme

““I mean, Tyler showed me Supreme. Like, I never cared about Supreme until Tyler.””

On who has god-level drip

“Jaden’s third style icon presents a real curveball: “Poseidon — I feel like he always comes with the next-level vibes.””

On wearing women’s Louis Vuitton

““It’s really awesome when I go to the parties. I have a talking point with all the girls.””

On why he digs G-Star

““Pharrell is such a huge inspiration to me. He would meet up and talk, and I would show him my pants. And then, eventually, he linked me up with G-Star.

“Animals are the most important thing. And what G-Star is doing with sustainable denim as well. It’s just all bringing back nature, and animals. Trying to make people aware of, like, Go outside.””

On becoming Batman

““He’s just the shit. Everything about it. It’s a cape, has utilities, has tactical equipment on it. It’s bulletproof. It’s everything you ever want. You can hide in the shadows, jump off buildings.

“I just want to live in the most real way. Just be a superhero, and save lives, and jump off of buildings, and hide in the shadows.””

For the full profile, head over to GQ.

Do you agree that Poseidon has next-level vibes? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Now, here’s what’s dropping at Supreme today.


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