Individuals On Twitter Keep Complicated ‘Little Mermaid’ Star Halle Bailey With Halle Berry

Individuals On Twitter Keep Complicated ‘Little Mermaid’ Star Halle Bailey With Halle Berry

‘ Little Mermaid’ Star Hailey Bailey Confused Online With Halle Berry

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Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid has actually remained in the works for ages, however recently it’s been coming together terribly fast. Recently we heard that Melissa McCarthy had snatched the function of Ursula, the tentacled baddie (although possibly Lizzo will swipe it from under her). Wednesday news broke that the huge function of Ariel, the titular not-so-little mermaid, was going to young vocalist Halle Bailey And if your brain– currently closing down for some vacation cook-outs and some Trump’s North Korea-esque parade hate-watching– at first checked out that as “Halle Berry,” you weren’t alone.

I can’t be the only individual who saw news that “Halle Bailey is The Little Mermaid” and got extremely baffled since my mind misspelled her surname to make it check out “Halle Berry is The Little Mermaid,” right?

— Germain Lussier (@GermainLussier) July 3, 2019

Halle Berry is boutta be genuine puzzled at all the “Congrats on The Little Mermaid!” messages heading her method.

— Alisha Grauso (@AlishaGrauso) July 3, 2019

No, the Oscar-winning star of Beast’s Ball and Swordfish isn’t playing Ariel. In reality, Berry, like Bailey, is rather hectic: She and her killer canines kicked a great deal of butt in John Wick: Chapter 3 previously this summer season, and she’s prepping for her own stunt-heavy action film. So honestly she does not have time to strap on some mermaid trousers and moon over some young kid. So those responsibilities will need to be up to somebody who practically shares her very same name.


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