Elton John Penned An Essay About Not Sterilizing His Life Story For ‘Rocketman’

Elton John Penned An Essay About Not Sterilizing His Life Story For ‘Rocketman’

Elton John Blogged About Not Sterilizing His Life Story For ‘Rocketman’

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The upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman is set to strike theaters real quickly (on May 31), and ahead of that, John has actually penned an individual essay about the making of the film. In the piece, which was released by The Guardian this weekend, he discussed the tone of the film, stating that he chose it needs to depict his life as it in fact was, not a diminished variation, since that’s simply how things actually were:

” Some studios wished to tone down the sex and drugs so the movie would get a PG-13 ranking. However I simply have not led a PG-13 ranked life. I didn’t desire a movie loaded with drugs and sex, however similarly, everybody understands I had rather a great deal of both throughout the 70 s and 80 s, so there didn’t appear to be much point in making a film that indicated that after every gig, I ‘d silently returned to my hotel space with just a glass of warm milk and the Gideon’s Bible for business.”

John likewise talked about the choice to integrate more fantasy-based minutes into the film, stating that while it may not be as actual as a conventional biopic, those scenes do represent how he was feeling at the time:

” And some studios desired us to lose the dream component and make a more simple biopic, however that was missing out on the point. Like I stated, I resided in my own head a lot as a kid. And when my profession removed, it removed in such a method that it practically didn’t appear genuine to me. I wasn’t an over night success by any methods– I ‘d been slogging around the clubs, making records, composing tunes with Bernie and attempting to offer them to individuals who weren’t interested for 4 or 5 years prior to anything huge occurred. However when it occurred, it went off like a rocket: there’s a minute in Rocketman when I’m playing onstage in the Troubadour club in LA and whatever in the space begins levitating, me consisted of, and truthfully, that’s what it seemed like.”

Check out John’s complete essay here


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