Did DC’s ‘Shazam!’ Present A Gay Superhero Prior To The Marvel Cinematic Universe Did?

Did DC’s ‘Shazam!’ Present A Gay Superhero Prior To The Marvel Cinematic Universe Did?

Did ‘Shazam!’ Present DC’s First Gay Superhero?

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[Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen Shazam!]

As lots of evaluations have actually explained, consisting of our own, Shazam! is a great deal of enjoyable. It’s amusing and genuine, and I can’t overcome how cute little Darla is. She is an excellent sibling! Shazam!(this post is unclean with exclamation points) invests a great deal of time on the power of household and Billy Batson’s rejection-turned-acceptance of those who appreciate him, consisting of Darla; household is likewise how Shazam beats Dr. Thaddeus Sivana at the Chilladelphia (great) Winter season Celebration. To remove the wicked doc and his 7 fatal sins, Captain Sparklefingers embeds his foster brother or sisters– Freddy, Mary, Eugene, Pedro, and Darla– with the exact same superhero powers that he has. Of the kids, Pedro has the least total up to do and state in the movie, however he might be a historical character nevertheless.

After Shazam carries his siblings and sis to the most safe location he understands, a Philly strip club, Mary scolds him for taking them someplace seedy, Darla is distressed that she didn’t get any shine, and Pedro appears non-plussed by the entire circumstance. His precise words: “Not my thing.” It’s a pointed line that might indicate one of 2 things: he truly does not appreciate seeing naked females (not likely), or, as I and lots of others think, he would rather see naked males.

If that holds true, then Pedro, when he gets his lightning bolt, would end up being the very first gay superhero in both the DC Extended Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Valkyrie isn’t canon … yet) Confirmed: he is Funko Pop!- deserving


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