Details On The Three New iPhones Coming This September

Details On The Three New iPhones Coming This September

Here’s What We Know About Apple Launch And New iPhones


Since the launch of the iPhone 1 back in the halcyon days of 2007, Apple has pretty much brought out new smartphones every single year. Around 2012, they zeroed in on September with the release of the iPhone 5. Six years later, their announce-and-release schedule in early September is starting to feel like a national holiday — well, maybe one more akin to Black Friday. And, right on schedule, Apple is gathering the press to announce the launch of the next generation of iPhones on September 12th, at ten AM Pacific Time.

Apple is expected to introduce the world to three new iPhones with varying degrees of advancements that’ll entice us to line up on September 14th for those precious pre-orders. The word on the street is that this is an “S” year. Basically, that means that the advancements will be more about expanding and refining existing hardware and software than dropping a jaw-dropping advancement. Here’s what we (think) we know so far based on various reports.

  • A 5.8-inch model with an OLED display: This model is rumored to be a smaller version of the iPhone X. The phone will likely have a dual camera, edge-to-edge screen design, and face ID recognition. Some are saying that this model will be the next step for the iPhone X and might be called the iPhone XS when September 12th rolls around. We’ll see. It also may have landscape viewing but more on that below.
  • A 6.5-inch model with an OLED display: This model (possibly called the iPhone XPlus or X1) is basically the biggest, baddest iPhone you’ll be able to buy in late September. There’s a rumor that the outward facing camera will have three lenses (making it better in low light). It’ll have the same iPhone X edge-to-edge screen along with a glass back supported by a steel frame, which stays in line with previous models. The big difference may be the iOS software that’ll allow side-by-side apps in landscape — hence the huge screen size (and iOS update). It’s being reported that landscape functionality has been mastered for Messages, Calendar, Contacts, etc. So, you may be able to keep Tinder open while you sort your emails.
  • A 6.1-inch model with an LCD display: If the above models are the lux options then this one is the utility phone. Rumored to be the iPhone 9 or 8s, the phone will likely be similar to previous plastic framed devices. It’ll only have a single camera on the back and may eschew the 3D Touch functionality. It’ll be a little stripped down but still get the job done. Plus, it’ll likely be (a lot) cheaper than the above models.
  • What else might happen: It looks like Apple will be announcing new waterproof Apple AirPod 2s (but they likely won’t be released until late 2019). They may also announce their charging pads, the AirPower Mat, for untethered charging of phones and AirPods. There are rumors out there that a dual SIM card space is being allotted on the device’s design. Lastly, there may well be a new and larger Apple Watch announced.

Apple has had its ups and downs. Right now, it feels like they’re on a pretty big high. The company was recently minted as the world’s first trillion-dollar company. And, now, they’re venturing into streaming with a large slate of original programming that’ll challenge Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and HBO. We’ll see if September 12th keeps the company rocketing even higher with this new slate of iPhones.

(Via Bloomberg and Macworld)


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