Ben Carson Is Getting Dragged For Confusing A Foreclosure Term With Oreo Cookies

Ben Carson Is Getting Dragged For Confusing A Foreclosure Term With Oreo Cookies

Ben Carson Confused A Term For Foreclosure With Oreo Cookies

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It might be argued that Ben Carson, like much of Trump’s administration, is not certified to hold the extremely crucial position of power to which he’s been designated. At the minimum, he’s does not appear extremely supportive to the predicament of the bad His possible incompetence ended up being apparent on Tuesday, when the neurosurgeon-turned-presidential candidate-turned-Secretary of Real estate and Urban Advancement openly puzzled a fundamental real estate term with an Oreo cookie.

The surreal exchange took place throughout a hearing on Capitol Hill, throughout which Carson was being grilled about the high variety of foreclosures supervised by his department. Carson has actually held the position for 2 years, which is lots of time for even a real estate neophyte– which Carson remained in 2017– to capture up on fundamental terms.

Rep. Katie Palmer ended up being who exposed how little Carson’s obtained throughout his period. She asked him a rhetorical concern, particularly: “Do you understand an R.E.O. is?” R.E.O., by the method, means Property Owned, signifying a residential or commercial property that’s been foreclosed upon.

Carson did not appear to understand this. His reply was to ask if she stated “Oreo.” Porter then spelled it out for the secretary of CENTER. Carson did understand (or had the ability to think) what the very first 2 letters meant. When it came for the 3rd, he though the “O” was for “Company.” At this moment, Porter just described what it implied.

A minimum of he didn’t puzzle it with the band that taped “Wheel in the Sky”? In any case, Fox News rapidly sprang to Carson’s defense, declaring Democrats were attempting to “stump” him with “unknown acronyms.” However as Vanity Fair mentions, R.E.O. is a daily term in Carson’s field.


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