Angelina Jolie’s Ready To Burn Everything Down In Disney’s New ‘Maleficent: Girlfriend Of Evil’ Trailer

Angelina Jolie’s Ready To Burn Everything Down In Disney’s New ‘Maleficent: Girlfriend Of Evil’ Trailer

Girlfriends Of Evil’ Trailer’s Angry Angelina Jolie

Not too long after the release of 2014’s Maleficent, somebody prepared a cosplay-rap fight in between Angelina Jolie’s horned fairy and Emilia Clarke’s Mom of Dragons. It was (and still is) an extremely ridiculous concept, however with the last Video Game of Thrones season fresh in individuals’s minds, there will unquestionably be contrasts to the Mad Queen’s burning of King’s Landing and Maleficent’s evident desire to burn down whatever in Disney’s brand-new Maleficent: Girlfriend Of Evil trailer. And whereas the movie’s preliminary quick teaser just meant a competition in between Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer’s characters, the latest Disney offering expands their beef.

Simply put, Maleficent’s been living a serene couple of years with Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning), however the great times can’t last. Their relationship is tested when Aurora gets a marital relationship proposition, and all of Maleficent’s past comes swirling back inside her mind with a revenge. Keep in mind how that horrible man cut off Maleficent’s wings? Well, she hasn’t forgotten either, which stimulates dispute to not just evaluate the not likely maternal dynamic that she’s created with Aurora, however there’s a powerful queen on the scene (Pfeiffer) to more test existing bonds.

Let’s simply state that Maleficent does not manage all of this competition well, and she’s going bananas with cruel, green swirling magic, however who’s the genuine bad guy in this follow up? We’re not rather particular at this moment, however something’s for sure– this isn’t a Disney film for the youngest kids out there. From the summary:

Maleficent: Girlfriend of Evil is a dream experience that gets a number of years after Maleficent, in which audiences discovered of the occasions that solidified the heart of Disney’s the majority of infamous bad guy and drove her to curse a child Princess Aurora. The movie continues to check out the complex relationship in between the horned fairy and the quickly to be Queen as they form brand-new alliances and deal with brand-new foes in their battle to secure the moors and the wonderful animals that live within.

Maleficent: Girlfriend of Evil gets here on October 18.


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