Andrew Lincoln’s ‘The Strolling Dead’ Film Will Be Launched In Theaters

Andrew Lincoln’s ‘The Strolling Dead’ Film Will Be Launched In Theaters

Andrew Lincoln’s ‘The Strolling Dead’ Film Will Be Launched In Theaters


Rick Grimes will be back, however you’ll need to spend for a ticket to see him. San Diego Comic-Con 2019 has currently had its reasonable share of news and sneak peeks, with some programs wishing to be the next cultural examples lastly getting trailers out to the general public. However one longstanding example– The Strolling Dead— got some intriguing news about a character who the program has actually currently moved past.

According to Range, Andrew Lincoln will repeat his function as Rick Grimes in a feature-length film, however it will not take place on AMC. A teaser trailer for the film dropped on Friday night at SDCC 2019, with the “just in theaters” tagline that’s prevalent for films that see theatrical releases. As such, The Strolling Dead film that he’s presently slated to star in will be sent out to theaters, as frequently takes place to feature films.

Numerous Strolling Dead fans have actually long believed the very best episode of the program was the pilot, which performed at a brief movie-length 90 minutes and loaded the considerable psychological weight that set the phase for what’s ended up being a cultural phenomenon of a TELEVISION program. And it’s a fitting method for Lincoln, cherished for his function as Grimes on the program, to possibly complete his period on among AMC’s most effective programs. And according to Range, the film ought to have a lot for Strolling Dead fans to like offered the context and those included.

The movies were initially revealed in late 2018 following Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the flagship AMC series, on which Lincoln had actually played Grimes because the pilot.

” Strolling Dead” chief material officer Scott Gimple will act as author. The movie is prepared to continue the story of Rick Grimes. AMC had actually initially prepared to start production as early as 2019 however it is uncertain if that is still the case.

Here’s hoping Lincoln is not resigned to holding a lot of indications and attempting to get his psychological point throughout at some point in this movie. He’s been fantastic as Rick Grimes, and the possibility to see a complete film of Lincoln as the character need to have fans thrilled.


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