A Secret New ‘Ghostbusters’ That Neglects The Last One Is Being Made By Jason Reitman

A Secret New ‘Ghostbusters’ That Neglects The Last One Is Being Made By Jason Reitman

A Brand-new ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Is Being Made By Jason Reitman

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3 years earlier, a brand-new Ghostbusters came out including an all-girl cast. Some guys raged. They bombed the YouTube page for its trailer with thumbs-downs. They drove star Leslie Jones off of Twitter(with some assistance by that Milo person who was consequently deplatformed. The real film was favored however it underperformed, and follow up strategies were nixed The bad guys, so to speak, won.

Now those guys seem winning some more: According to Range, Ghostbusters is being restarted once again, this time without Jones, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon, which is simply what the bad guys desired. A brand-new, probably more “standard” Ghostbusters has actually been covertly in the works, and manufacturers are playing it so safe it’s going to be helmed by the kid of the person who directed the initial 2 classics. Or, rather, the great very first one and the non-good follow up, in which the bad guy was a painting.

That would be Jason Reitman, kid of Ivan Reitman, who likewise made Stripes, Legal Eagles, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend Unlike his daddy, Jason a minimum of begun as a well-known indie filmmaker, thanks to the wacky trifecta that was Thank You for Smoking Cigarettes, Juno, and Up In the Air


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