A New ‘Captain Marvel’ Clip Discovers Our Hero In Pursuit Of An Evil Skrull

A New ‘Captain Marvel’ Clip Discovers Our Hero In Pursuit Of An Evil Skrull

[WATCH] New ‘Captain Marvel’ Clip Discovers Our Hero Fighting A Skrull

Captain Marvel will not strike theaters for another month, however Disney has actually been definitely mauling us with trailers and clips. Thursday they launched the latter; Friday they launched the previous And Saturday we got a short 45- 2nd stretch from the motion picture itself.

The clip opens in medias res, dropping us into the middle of an action series that’s currently been freely teased in different trailers. It discovers Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers running about the top of a raised train, à la Buster Keaton in The General or River Phoenix in the opening stretch of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, all the time fighting a Skrull camouflaged as a sweatered rando. On The Other Hand, Samuel L. Jackson’s more youthful Nick Fury follows the action on the ground through automobile, French Connection– design.

We likewise get more glances of Danvers’ superpowers– the ones that make her the most effective of the Marvel line-up and will undoubtedly show a powerful enemy to the genocidal Thanos in Avengers: Endgame Danvers/Marvel might be running and getting on top of the train like any regular, however at one point she busts out her laser beam abilities, burning a hole in the roofing system so she can get away when the lorry enters into a tunnel.


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