A Dead Marvel Bad Guy May Return In ‘Avengers 4’ Throughout A Flashback Scene

A Dead Marvel Bad Guy May Return In ‘Avengers 4’ Throughout A Flashback Scene

Crossbones Will Return In Flashbacks, States Frank Grillo


At the start of Captain America: Civil War, previous Hydra representative Brock Rumlow (Frank Grillo) squared off with the titular hero one last time prior to trying to blow himself up. Rumlow, who was calling himself “Crossbones” by this point, did blow himself up however didn’t secure Cap as planned. What follows prepared for the rest of Civil War and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an entire, however Rumlow’s death should have implied completion of Grillo’s time in the MCU, right?

Incorrect, or a minimum of that’s what Grillo meant throughout the most recent episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast According to The Hollywood Press Reporter, the star exposed that he would be repeating his function in the still-untitled Avengers 4 movie thanks to the story’s usage of flashbacks:

” He makes a look in the next Avengers motion picture,” Grillo stated about his character. “However it’s a flashback … I’m enabled to state whatever I desire since I’m never ever doing another Marvel motion picture.” (The reason that not, he exposed, had less to do with Rumlow’s death and more to do with his age; “I’m 117 years of ages,” he joked.)

Thinking about the longstanding reports about the Avengers: Infinity War followup’s usage of the quantum world, time travel and time leaps, it would not be all that unexpected is Grillo was in fact informing the fact (instead of pulling everybody’s legs). After all, this isn’t the very first time today that the star has actually gone on the record about what may be occurring in Avengers 4 and beyond. When it comes to when the Crossbones flashback would be happening in the MCU timeline, Grillo didn’t state.

( Via The Hollywood Press Reporter)


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