9 Uncommon Skate Decks to Police Officer in Highsnobiety x Paddle8’s Joint Auction

9 Uncommon Skate Decks to Police Officer in Highsnobiety x Paddle8’s Joint Auction

9 Rare Skate Decks to Police Officer in Highsnobiety x Paddle8’s Auction

The Highsnobiety x Paddle8 joint auction released recently and is live for quotes till June24 Among its uncommon collectables, toys, and art work, here we’re shining a light on some especially unique lots from the consignment: a choice of incredibly desired skate decks including styles from a few of the most significant names in street art.

When we partnered with Paddle8, we contacted each of our particular networks to send their most treasured belongings to auction. Being a platform that frequently champs the world’s most accomplished street artists, it was not a surprise that a few of the most significant grails from the skate deck archives were amongst the consignments we got.

See all of the most amazing skate decks listed below, and do not miss your opportunity to bid prior to it’s far too late.

Beyond the Streets Skate Deck, 2018


This deck happened in combination with RETNA’s “Beyond the Streets” exhibit in Los Angeles in 2015, including his signature geometric script. RETNA is an important part of the LA art scene for his mural work, and this deck is a best example of how street art and skate culture continue to clash.

Supreme (Red) # 7 Spin Series Skateboard Deck, 2009

Damien Hirst

Amongst the Supreme cooperations in our joint auction is this Damien Hirst deck, which happened as part of the New York City skate brand names series of artist cooperations. In this edition, Damien Hirst puts his renowned spin on things for a aesthetically renowned piece of skate ephemera that’s likewise classicism.

Signature Series Skate Deck, 2017

Felipe Pantone

Part of Miller Davison and Ink and Motion’s signature series, Felipe Pantone’s addition to the collection integrates oversaturated colors and computer-influenced graphics for a wavy, enchanting display screen. The deck comes total with matching carry bag and sticker label pack.

Alien Workshop Skate Decks (Set of 10), 2012

Keith Haring

Keith Haring’s unique design is celebrated in this set of 10 stunning decks for a genuine showstopping piece. Through Haring’s murals and train illustrations, he produced images worldwide acknowledged and utilized throughout the imaginative markets. The distinct stories on each of these 10 boards shows a discussion of spirited disobedience and individualism.

Camouflage Skate Decks (Set of 5), 2007

After Andy Warhol

This 2007 skate deck in cooperation with Supreme is based upon the initial camouflage suite of works produced by the excellent Andy Warhol prior to his death in1987 The model of standard cammo style done out in brilliant and vibrant colors recontextualizes a timeless theme in a manner just Warhol could.

Do Not Be a Jerk Skate Deck, 2017

Barbara Kruger

Another dope Supreme deck offered in our auction combines the label’s signature red and white color pattern with a striking style by conceptual artist Barbara Kruger. Kruger is understood for her post-modern feminist works, normally illustrating black and white pictures overlaid with text.

Skulls & Flower and Kaikai & Kiki Flower Skate Decks (2 Functions), 2017

Takashi Murakami

This set of 2 skate decks come done out in the quickly identifiable maximalist flower theme of Takashi Murakami. The Japanese artist is understood to integrate Nihonga– a 19 th-century Japanese painting design– with contemporary manga and popular culture, frequently with a sharp wit about it.

Flying DOB Skate Decks (Set of 3) and Flaming Skulls Skate Decks (Set of 3) (6 Functions), 2018

Takashi Murakami

Why stop with 2 Murakami decks when our auction is house to 6 more? Including the cute-meets-scary characters of his “Superflat” body of work, these decks are must-owns for any growing deck collection.

In Eliminating We Live Skate Deck, 2016

Cleon Peterson

Streetwear and skate giants HUF produced this deck with artist Cleon Peterson in a 2016 pill called “In Eliminating We Live”. It includes a signature theme of the Los Angeles artist that’s similar to Grecco-Roman pottery– a disorderly picture of 2 males taken part in a battle to the death. Let the bidding war begin …

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